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Horticultural Services


Caring for your most valued asset...

Horticulture is defined as "The art and science of cultivating a garden". Many landscapes lose their beauty and original design intent, due to a lack of knowledge and background by some landscapers. We love the challenges of repairing landscapes that have been improperly maintained or neglected. We understand the "art and science" necessary to keep a landscape design as originally intended. 

Many well intended landscape companies will simply hedge shear your plants into unnatural, geometric shapes that detract the look of the landscape and eventually harm the plant itself. We employ proper pruning techniques buy selectively pruning plants to maintain the health and long term beauty of your landscape.

Whenever we are called on to maintain a landscape we implement an IPM  (Integrated Pest Management) approach. We are trained to assess the overall health of a property by observing all facets of the landscape, including; micro climates, soil conditions, potential disease and insect problems We utilize the proper techniques necessary to properly and effectively maintain the landscape as a valuable asset to your property.

Landscapes by nature are never static but are a living, growing and ever evolving creation. Since every landscape is different, we will develop a comprehensive and affordable maintenance program that is tailored  specifically for your needs.

Not all mulches are created equal...

 ...But good or bad is not always the question so much as whether some are just inferior or downright toxic; Right Dress Root Mulch contains 12 out of 13 vital nutrients for plants, and is especially rich in nitrogen-to-carbon ratio—one of the most vital elements in the life of a healthy plant, and vastly superior to ordinary wood mulches which are high in carbon, especially the dyed mulch products. Penn State University

Right Dress Mulch Vs. Wood Mulch

Right Dress Mulch has a [carbon-nitrogen] ratio of 25 to 1, the additional nitrogen from Right Dress is still available for the perennials, annuals and shrubs, creating a healthier soil and plants.

Wood mulches draw nitrogen and nutrients from the soil before the plants can use it, thus it can rob plants of nutrients and weaken the plants. 

Right Dress Mulch “knits together” to provide excellent weed prevention and erosion control.

Wood mulches don’t “knit together” so they can erode easily after heavy rains, they do not provide as good of a weed prevention or erosion control.

Right Dress Mulch is an all-natural product.

Wood mulches may not necessarily be all organic. If a careless company makes mulch from a tree that is diseased, the disease will stay in the mulch and may infect your plants. Moreover, if mulch is made from recycled construction material like pressure treated wood, it can contain arsenic compounds and coppers dangerous to humans (to say nothing of plants). 

Right Dress Mulch is powerful in other ways as well; it has been lab tested to and proven resistant to a pest known as artillery fungus, which is attracted to mulch beds. When the fungus matures, it fires a black spore at light colored objects, which can badly discolor a car or the side of a house. The only way to remove it is by repainting it, or better yet, not using wood mulch.

Wood mulches are a host for the unsightly and undesirable artillery fungus.

We also offer many other landscape and property services, including; Monthly property maintenance services, leaf clean up, clean out gutters, irrigation maintenance and winterizing, lighting system maintenance, stone and paver repairs and restorations, land clearing, anti-dessicants for winter plant protection, deer fencing and deer repellents.


Depending on the maintenance program that we set up with your landscape we will extend your original 1 (one) year warranty by up to 3 (three) additional years. This will give you a total of 4 (years) warranty from the original installation completion date. To take advantage of this offer, call us and we will be glad to set up an appointment to visit with you to assess your property to select the best and most affordable ways to maintain your property.