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Landscaping Solutions

A Passion for Landscape Solutions

At Brouse Landscapes we take a creative approach to address your landscape desires and problem areas. From a new planting scheme to a complete renovation, we will produce a beautiful and functional landscape that will complement your home and lifestyle.

The following is a few common landscape dilemmas that owners have asked us to solve:

"Our landscape is overgrown and outdated; Can we renovate what we have or do we have to remove everything and start over"?

"We have some views that we would like to screen; Can we do it in a way that is effective but will also be discreet"?

"My landscape is boring; Can you create an affordable way to make it "pop"?

"There are areas of our lawn that stay wet after a rain; Can you make it drain better so my children can play in the yard"?

"My budget is limited; Can we do this in phases"?

"The deer have destroyed my gardens; Is there anyway realistically that I can have a nice landscape"?

"Some areas of our yard are very shady and other places are sunny; How can we get a nice landscape with the diverse conditions"?

"Our soil is terrible; What can we do to get plants to grow here"?

"I want a different style of landscape than the previous owner; What options do I have that would fit my home and personality"?

We have the answers to these questions and the know how to resolve these problems plus others that you may have. We pride ourselves in being able to tackle any challenge that you present us with! In many cases we have been successful with solving problems where others have failed.

Garden Styles that you may consider to fit your architecture and personality:

  • Native and Naturalized Gardens
  • Formal, English, Mediterranean Gardens
  • Period Gardens
  • Cottage, Perennial Gardens
  • Contemporary Gardens